Thursday, March 31, 2005

30/31 March 2005

mansfield(feat.yukari fresh)-the new pollution::6 complexions of mansfield::readymade records
pippiloti rist::wicked game::sip my ocean soundtrack
blonde redhead::magic mountain::misery is a butterfly::4AD
xiu xiu::i luv the valley oh::fabulous muscles::5 Rue Christine
pedro the lion::never leave a job half done::winners never quit::jade tree
radiohead::where i end and you begin::hail to the thief::capitol
the decembrists::the engine driver::picaresque::kill rockstars
dandy warhols::not if you were the last junkie on earth::7"::columbia records
bright eyes::take it easy(love nothing)::digital ash in a digital urn::saddle creek
pavement::stereo::brighten the corners::matador
pavement::shady lane::brighten the corners::matador
pj harvey::who the fuck::uh huh her::island recordings
the kills::no wow::no wow::domino
fiery furnaces::blueberry boat::blueberry boat::rough trade
guided by voices::girls of wild strawberries::half smiles of the decomposed::matador
smog::dress sexy at my funeral::dongs of sevotion::drag city
andrew bird::opposite day::the mysterious production of eggs::righteous babe
oliver petkov::few of my friends prefer fork for biscuit::french radio reporter::rekord

hood::winter72::outside, closer::domino
primal scream::kowalski::dirty hits::columbia
primal scream::autobahn 66(alter ego remix)::12"::columbia

lcd soundsystem::too much love::lcd soundsystem::DFA