Sunday, May 29, 2005

29 May 2005

jeffrey lewis::the last time i did acid i went insane::the last time i did acid i went insane::rough trade
jeffrey lewis and kimya dawson::Ishalicious (Ish Finds His Family)::antifolk collaborations vol.1::rough trade
jeffrey lewis::dance myself to death::the only time i feel right is when i'm drawing comic books::rough trade
jeffrey lewis::the chelsea hotel oral sex song::indie rock fortune cookie::rough trade
album>>jeffrey lewis::it's the ones who've cracked that the light shines through::rough trade
ep>>TKSK::skopskite pederchinja i seljacite od provincija::unreleased live recordings
!!!::take extasy with me::ep::touch&go
3 minutes in the rain::bad match memories::ep::rekord
the thermals::our trip::fuckin A::sub pop
the thermals::every stritch::fuckin A::sub pop
the thermals::how we know::fuckin A::sub pop
lightning bolt::forcefield::ride the skies::load
shellac::ghosts::live at maroquinerie 29/03/2005
shellac::squirrel song::live at maroquinerie 29/03/2005
shellac::billard player song::live at maroquinerie 29/03/2005

shellac::prayer to god::live at maroquinerie 29/03/2005

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Greatest hits 26 May 2005

buzzcocks::ever fallen in love with someone (you shouldn't have fallen in love with?)::love bites::united artists::1978
the smiths::i want the one i can't have::meat is murder::sire::1984
gang of four::damaged goods::entertainment!::emi::1979
pavement::shady lane::brighten the corners::domino::1997
beck::devil's haircut::odelay::DGC::1996
supergrass::alright::i should coco::capitol::1995
sugar::a good idea::cooper blue::rycodisc::1992
nick drake::pink moon::pink moon::hannibal::1972
elliot smith::needle in the hay::elliott smith::kill rockstars::1995
asian dub foundation::rebel warrior::facts and fictions::nation::1995
wilco::heavy metal drummer::yankee hotel foxtrot::nonesuch::2002
belle&sebastian::nice day for a sulk::fold your hands child you walk like a peasant::matador::2000
chemical brothers::in dust we trust::exit planet dust::astralwerks::1995
mercury rev::opus 40::deseter's songs::v2::1998

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Greatest hits

This Thursday 26/05/2005 (4pm-5pm) @ kanal 103 fm Vasil Gjurovski and I are going to play 103 Greatest hits.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

23 May 2005

pernice brothers::snow::discover a lovelier you::ashmont
the london apartments::put a jacket on::romanticism aside::
hood::the lost you::outside closer::
lcd soundsystem::too much love::lcd soundsystem::
cut copy::the twilight::bright like neon love::
add N to X::metal fingers in my body::avant hard::
jon spenser blues explosion::mars, arizona(DFA remix)::crunchy ep::
alter ego::rocker::rocker ep::
klang elektronik
daft punk::robot rock::human after all::
electric sic::danger, high voltage::fire::
bloc party::banquet (disco phones edit)::banquet ep::
franz ferdinand::missing you::michael ep::
album>>sufjan stevens::illinois::asthmatic kitty

Sunday, May 15, 2005

15 May 2005

thanksgiving::now it is all over like the birds::marriage records
toby goodshank::hang up call::safe harbour::olive juice
toby goodshank::wally breaks it down proper::safe harbour::olive juice
toby goodshank::call me ishmael::safe harbour::olive juice
the shins::new slang::oh inverted world::sub pop
the robot ate me::the red-haired girl::on vacation::KRS/5RC
andrew bird::fake palindromes::the mysterious production of eggs::righteous babe
smog::in the pines::a river ain't too much to love::drag city
teenage fanclub::time stops::man made::PeMa
mercury rev::nite and fog::all is dream::v2
mercury rev::across yer ocean::the secret migration::v2
low::cue the strings::the great distroyer::sub pop
devics::my beautiful sinking ship::ghost in the girl::bella union
cut copy::saturdays(reprise)::bright like neon love::modular recordings
cut copy::that was just a dream::bright like neon love::modular recordings
cut copy::bright like neon pay phone::bright like neon love::modular recordings
architecture in helsinki::do the whirlwind::in case we die::bar/none
havergal::i am a frequency::elettricita::secretly canadian
mum::green grass of tunnel::finally we are no one::fat cat
album>>the london apartments::romanticism aside::SOP

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The London Apartments-Romanticism Aside(SOP)

About a few months ago, a friend of mine downloaded all of Sundays in spring releases (you see, they recently made cable internet possible here, in Macedonia, so the craze of downloading *everything* is only just begining to spread). So in a short time I was overpacked with mp3 label music..Starving but happy, Sundays in spring, Camomile releases...What really grabbed my attention were the two Sundays in spring amazing releases, Fauerbach’s “Ask us no questions and we'll tell you no lies” and The London Apartments’ “A dialogue of one”.
Today, in the mail, I received The London Apartments’ new album “Romanticism Aside”, released, this time, for Sounds of Pop. The first thing I notised by studying the envelope was that “The london apartments” is actually the name of Justin Langlois’ street address, while he is from Kingsville, Ontario. But I’m sure he’s mentally from Reykyavik. The whole sensibility of “Romanticism aside” is sort of iceland-ish, words like “cold”, “wind”, “december”, “frozen”, “jacket” are manipulated in the heartbreaking lyrics, while the music is like múm and sigur rós have decided to join up in one band. Justin’s highly sensitive and shy vocals, the lo-fi electronica touch accompained by acoustic guitar and piano create a very calm, soothing and yet sad atmosphere. Likewise, the booklet features black&white photography of old houses, doormats, floors, windows, closing it with “these streets are frozen shut, as I move my heavy feet, everything seems in its place”. You can hear this album online, or you can listen some of it on Lofidelica this Sunday.

highlights: put a jacket on, streetlights are soldiers
similar sound: múm, sigur rós, dntel, the postal service, the notwist, manitoba, david balula

Monday, May 09, 2005

Oliver's geisha

The new songs Daydreaming machines and Missing the world today (as a part of the Oliver's geisha-Lover2 ep) will be promoted primarily on Kanal 103 FM, at Zavisna (7pm-9pm) Thursday, 12th May... you can listen to it on live streaming, check your time zone etc.

Oliver's geisha are Oliver Petkov and me (Sandra Georgijevska/british geisha)

Sunday, May 08, 2005

08 May 2005

futureheads::hounds of love::the future heads::sire
bloc party::banquet::silent alarm::atlantic
franz ferdinand::michael::ep::domino
primal scream::rocks::give out but don't give up::creation
the kills::the good ones::no wow::rough trade
blues explosion::crunchy::ep::mute
blues explosion::mars,arizona::crunchy ep::mute
beck::i get lonesome::one foot in the grave::K
beck::cyanide breath mint::one foot in the grave::K
the national::secret meeting::aligator::beggars banquet
the national::daughters of the solo riots::aligator::beggars banquet
little wings::under your blanket::light green leaves::K
m ward::radio campaign::transistor radio::merge
m ward::four hours in washington::transistor radio::merge
m ward::the life away::transistor radio::merge
akron family::before and again::akron family::young god
havergal::parachutes::elettricita::secretly canadian
trembling blue stars::the sea is so quiet::seven automn flowers::bar/none
trembling blue stars::all i'm doing is losing::seven automn flowers::bar/none
smog::the well::a river ain't too much to love::drag city
teenage fanclub::slowfade pictures::man made::PeMa
teenage fanclub::life without you::man made::PeMa
the bravery::an honest mistake::ep::island
the bravery::hey sunshiney day::an honest mistake ep::island
mercury rev::black forest(lorelei)::the secret migration::v2
kathleen edwards::copied keys::back to me::zoe
kate bush::hounds of love::the whole story::capitol

Sunday, May 01, 2005

01 May 2005

wilco::how to fight loneliness::girl interrupted sndtrk::interscope
elliot smith::needle in the hay::elliot smith::kill rockstars
cat power::good woman::are you free::matador
akron/family::how do i know::akron/family::young god
m.ward::deep dark well::transistor radio::merge
mercury rev::nite and fog::all is dream::V2
the shins::so says i::chutes too narrow::sub pop
beck::i get lonesome::one foot in the grave::K
pj harvey::rid of me::4 track demos::island
pj harvey::legs::4 track demos::island
shellac::guy who invented fire::live@ATP 20.04.02
shellac::canada::live@ATP 20.04.02
mudhoney::sweet young thing ain't sweet no more::superfuzz bigmuff::sub pop
dub narcotic soundsystem::teenage time bomb::dnss::K
adult.::D.U.M.E::ep::thrill jockey
interpol::narc(paul banks rmx)::c'mere ep::matador
belle&sebastian::she's losing it::tigermilk::jeepster
belle&sebastian::i don't love anyone::tigermilk::jeepster
teenage fanclub::it's all in my mind::man-made::PeMa
teenage fanclub::time stops::man-made::PeMa
album>>mercury rev::the secret migration::V2