Saturday, September 30, 2006

Scotland's for me *rainbow*

There are some bands you start liking more after you see them live (such was my case with Mercury Rev)... Since they manage to bring back the beautiful feeling they have created for you on stage... In other cases, you discover some bands on festivals. So these are some of the albums I've been intensely listening to, the past week, under the impression of their brilliant live performances.

midlake::the trials of van occupanther::bella union

the veils::nux vomica::rough trade

the delays::you see colours::rough trade

While I am totally addicted to:

belle and sebastian::the life pursuit::matador

Sunday, September 24, 2006

long time no see...

It's been quite a busy summer...While the fall promices Howe Gelb, Lambchop and Nina Nastasia (woohoo). As a highlight of my summer I would like to point out the Belle&Sebastian's performance at Pukkelpop... and, Calexico's, expectedly, amazing show at rockenseine...

I didn't have many cds with me though (*gasp*) only one compilation and a few albums I carried around. So this is what my playlist looked like most of the time(as a side effect I got slightly sick of these albums, so it's nice to be home again, with a wider choice of stuff to listen to...):

m. ward::post war::merge

bonnie "prince" billy::the letting go::drag city

calexico::garden ruin::city slang

Sunday, June 25, 2006

25 June 2006

went::keep away
hej, poni!::cetvrta::live at montanaro jazz klub, podgorica
little radojica::little radojica::little radojica is not able to suffer anymore
immergluck, kaphan, krummernacher & hanes::joe kirby blues::i am the ressurection- a tribute to john fahey::vanguard
calexico::dance of death::i am the ressurection- a tribute to john fahey::vanguard
mojave 3::big star baby::puzzles like you::4ad
mojave 3::running with your eyes closed::puzzles like you::4ad
mojave 3::ghostship waiting::puzzles like you::4ad
camera obscura::lloyd, i'm ready to be heartbroken::let's get out of this country::merge
camera obscura::dory previn::let's get out of this country::merge
first nation::waterfall::first nation::paw tracks
first nation::female trance::first nation::paw tracks
o'death::oh death::o'death::head home
the hidden cameras::ban marriage::the smell of our own::rough trade

Sunday, June 04, 2006

04 June 2006

jenny lewis and the watson twins::melt your heart::rabbit furcoat::team love
the walkmen::wake up::everyone who pretended to like me is gone::startime international
the raconteurs::steady as she goes::broken boy soldiers::xl
okkervil river::for real::black sheep boy::jagjaguar
horse stories::firewall::everyone's a photographer::loose music
band of horses::the funeral::everything all the time::sub pop
centro-matic::take the maps and run::fort-recovery::misra
the leon ep::songs i wish i had written
drive-by truckers::a blessing and a curse::a blessing and a curse::new west
mojave 3::running with your eyes closed::puzzles like you::4 ad
sufjan stevens::mistress::the avalanche::asthmatic kitty
tender forever::marry me::the soft and the hardcore::K
love is all::talk talk talk::9 times that same song::what's your rupture?
yo la tengo& daniel johnston::speeding motorcycle::genius+love=yo la tengo::matador
casiotone for the painfully alone::love connection::etiquette::tomlab
thom yorke::and it rained all night::eraser::xl
say hi to your mum::dimensions and verticals::ferocious mopes::euphobia/ryko
hotel alexis::the devil knows my handle::goliath, i'm on your side::unreleased
wooden ambulance::dishonest::unreleased
jazzmeenah::back in the time::unreleased
ana never::30 seconds of my past life::ana never::fokus subotica
neko case::fox confessor brings the flood::fox confessor brings the flood::anti
album>>beirut::gulag orkestar::ba da bing!

Monday, May 22, 2006

21 May 2006

giant drag::kevin is gay::hearts and unicorns::kickball
lee ranaldo::bean vine blues::va:tribute to john fahey::vanguard
primal scream::country girl::riot city blues::columbia
primal scream::hell's comin' down::riot city blues::columbia
centro-matic::patience for the ride::fort-recovery::misra
magnolia electric co.::the dark don't hide it::trials&errors::secretly canadian
mi and l'au::how::mi and l'au::young god
cat power::hate::the greatest::matador
radiohead::where i end and you begin::hail to the thief::capitol
say hi to your mom::dimensions and verticals::ferocious mopes::
casiotone for the painfully alone::new year's kiss::etiquette::tomlab
calexico::cruel::garden ruin::quarterstick/touch&go
hotel alexis::soft soft war::goliath i'm on your side::unreleased
band of horses::i go to the barn because i like the::everything all the time::sub pop
the czars::i fall to pieces::sorry i made you cry::bella union
jeffrey lewis::the last time i did acid i went insane::live
drive-by truckers::little bonnie::a blessing and a curse::new west
album>>the walkmen::a hundred miles off::record collection

Saturday, May 06, 2006

addicted to top 10's

best of first half of 2006

1.calexico::garden ruin(quarterstick/touch&go)
2.howe gelb::'sno angel like you (thrill jockey)
band of horses::everything all the time(sub pop)
4.centro-matic::fort recovery (misra)
5.mooger fooger::mooger fooger2 (pmg)
neko case::fox confessor brings the flood (anti) truckers::a blessing and a curse (new west) power::the greatest(matador)
isobelle campbell::ballad of the broken seas (v2, ada)
10.the czars::sorry i made you cry(bella union)

(I had to give myself some time before putting numbers, I'll probably change my mind, so I'll involve that in the next top 10)

Monday, April 10, 2006

Lofidelica Recommends

Band of Horses-Everything All The Time (Sub Pop)

Lambchop/Hands Off Cuba-coLAB (Merge)

2 April 2006

Profile: Neko Case, 3 songs from each album, from The Virginian up to Fox Confessor Brings the Flood, including various collaborations: Band of Blacky Ranchette, The Corn Sisters etc.

Monday, March 20, 2006

19 March 2006

arizona amp and alternator::velvet and pearl::AAAA::thrill jockey
arizona amp and alternator::the wind turns the skin to leather::AAAA::thrill jockey
howe gelb::get to leave::sno' angel like you::thrill jockey
howe gelb::but i did not::sno' angel like you::thrill jockey
howe gelb::that's how things get done::sno' angel like you::thrill jockey
howe gelb::chore of enchantment::sno' angel like you::thrill jockey
drive-by-truckers::little bonnie::a blessing and a curse::new west
drive-by-truckers::easy on yourself::a blessing and a curse::new west
drive-by-truckers::a world of hurt::a blessing and a curse::new west
casiotone for the painfully alone::etiquette I.D::etiquette::tomlab
casiotone for the painfully alone::i love creedence::etiquette::tomlab
casiotone for the painfully alone::cold white christmas::etiquette::tomlab
band of horses::the great salt lake::everything all the time::sub pop
band of horses::the funeral::everything all the time::sub pop
band of horses::monsters::everything all the time::sub pop
jason anderson::if i'm waiting::the wreath::K
giant drag::kevin is gay::hearts and unicorns::kickball
giant drag::cordial invitation::hearts and unicorns::kickball
yeah yeah yeahs::the sweets::show your bones::polydor
yeah yeah yeahs::fancy::show your bones::polydor
yeah yeah yeahs::deja vu::show your bones::polydor
jenny lewis and the watson twins::handle with care::rabit furcoat::team love
jenny lewis and the watson twins::rise up::rabit furcoat::team love
jenny lewis and the watson twins::melt your heart::rabit furcoat::team love
cat power::hate::the greatest::matador
sibylle baier::colour green::colour green::orange twin
animal collective::bees::feels::fat cat
calexico::cruel::garden ruin::touch&go/quarterstick
emilliana torrini::nothing brings me down::fisherman's woman::rough trade
azure ray::the drinks we drank last night::hold on love::saddle creek
the gourds::pill bug blues::heavy ornamentals::eleven thirty
howe gelb::ogle::ogle some piano::thrill jockey

Monday, March 13, 2006

12 March 2006

howe gelb::torque(tango de la tongue)::the listener::thrill jockey
thomas fersen::dougenou
calexico::ballad of cable hogue::hot rail::quarterstick
calexico::nom de plume::garden ruin::touch and go/quarterstick
calexico::roka (danza de la muerte)::garden ruin::touch and go/quarterstick
juanes::camisa negra
shakira::la tortura (feat. alejandro sanz)::fijacion oral::sony
the corn sisters::matineed::other woman::mint
neko case::things that scare me::blacklisted::mint
neko case::favourite::the tigers have spoken::mint
neko case::fox conffessor brings the flood::fox conffessor brings the flood::mint
neko case::the needle has landed::fox conffessor brings the flood::mint
neko case::that teenage feeling::fox conffessor brings the flood::mint
the gourds::roll&tumble::cow, fish, fowl or pig::munich
the gourds::the prayer that fell upon the mirror::cow, fish, fowl or pig::munich
ryan adams::somehow someday::gold::lost highway
bonnie 'prince' billy::gulf shores::greatest palace music::drag city
bonnie 'prince' billy::sweeter then anything::more revery::temporary residence

thanksgiving::thanksgiving::thanksgiving::pw elverum&sun
thanksgiving::fuck the world::thanksgiving::pw elverum&sun
the rakes::everything down::automatic volume::juno beach
album>>calexico::garden ruin::touch&go/quarterstick

Lofidelica Ingredients

Indie rock is like pornography in a way: most people can't tell you exactly what it is, but they know it when they see it. Er, hear it. It's loud and obnoxious (or quiet and polite), careless and sloppy (or meticulously composed), complex and pretentious (or simple and unassuming), and, to its fans, cooler and more relevant than any other style of music.(Epitonic)
Lo-fi from "Low Fidelity" describes a sound recording which contains accidental artifacts, like distortion, or environmental noise, or a recording which has a limited frequency response. This stands in contrast to high fidelity or "hi-fi". Lo-fi music is a musical genre which uses lo-fi recording practices. The aim is to sound authentic, rather than over-produced. Many lo-fi artists use inexpensive cassette tape recorders for their music.
During the late '80s and early '90s, lo fidelity became not only a description of the recording quality of a particular album, but it also became a genre onto itself. The term came to refer to a breed of underground indie rockers that recorded their material at home on four-track machines. Initially, lo-fi recordings were traded on homemade tapes, but several indie labels — most notably K Records, which was run by Calvin Johnson, who led the lo-fi band Beat Happening — released albums on vinyl. Several groups in the late '80s, like Pussy Galore, Beat Happening, and Royal Trux earned small cult followings within the American underground. By 1992, groups like Sebadoh, Eric's Trip, Guided by Voices and Pavement had become popular cult acts in America and Britain with their willfully noisy, chaotic recordings. A few years later, artists like Liz Phair and Beck helped break the lo-fi aesthetic into the mainstream, albeit in a more streamlined fashion(
Lo Fi music
Anti-folk, on the other hand, is a DIY folk movement, that originated in the mid-1980s in New York City, lo-fi aesthetics combined with lucid lyrics is what characterizes this movement...Some of the more important artists in anti-folk are Major Matt Manson, Moldy Peaches: Adam Green and Kimya Dawson, Toby Goodshank and Jeffrey Lewis, most anti-folk is under the wing of olive juice recordings...
Alt country, is basically country, only it doesn't involve a wife beating redneck (which is the general impression), but cute guys like Conor Oberst(Bright Eyes), and beutiful poetry like Jeff Tweedy's (Wilco)...It often includes experimenting with the traditional idea of what country should be about, best example for this is Howe Gelb(Giant Sand)...
And finally, Shakira is spanish...I think...

Thursday, March 02, 2006

my pc slept through February...

Not being able to retrieve the playlists, I'll just name a few important artists (albums) that went on air this month: Loose Fur (Born Again in the USA), Centro-Matic (Fort Recovery), Robert Pollard (From a Compound Eye)...

This weekend will be Macedonian Weekend Pt.2 on Kanal 103, all weekend...

...and next Sunday, the 12th, get ready for (unofficially lofidelica's) best album for the first half of 2006!

29 January 2006

the devastations::he wasn't like that when i knew him::coal::in fidelity
hungry ghosts::i don't think about you anymore, but i don't think about you anyless::alone, alone::smells like
dirty three::rain on::cinder::touch & go
richmond fontaine::incident at conklin creek::the fitzgerald::union
iron+wine::the rooster moans::lion's mane::sub pop
iron+wine/calexico::prison on route 41::in the reins::quarterstick
the go-betweens::love goes on::16 lovers lane::capitol
the go-betweens::i'm alright::16 loves lane::capitol
the elected::would you come with me::sun sun sun::sub pop
the elected::fireflies in a steel mill::sun sun sun::sub pop
the corn sisters::matineed::other woman::mint
the corn sisters::high on cruel::other woman::mint
john fahey:orinda-moraga::the transfiguration of blind joe death::takoma
john fahey::beautiful linda getchel::the transfiguration of blind joe death::takoma
sunflower river blues::pelt::i am the ressurection, a tribute to john fahey::vanguard
joe kirby blues::immergluck, kaphan, krummernacher&hannes::i am the ressurection, a tribute to john fahey::vanguard
m. ward::one life away::transistor radio::matador
rhe band of blacky ranchette::my hoo ha::still lookin' good to me::thrill jockey
the band of blacky ranchette::rusty tracks::still lookin' good to me::thrill jockey
aaaa::aaaa(1)::aaaa::thrill jockey
broken familly band::happy days are here again::welcome home loser::track&field
castanets::good friend, yr hunger::first light's freeze::asthmatic kitty
castanets::all that i know to have changed in you::first light's freeze::asthmatic kitty
black heart procession and solbakken::voiture en rouge::in the fishtank vol 11::konkurrent/touch&go
black heart procession and solbakken::things go on with mistakes::in the fishtank vol.11::konkurrent/touch&go
bonnie 'prince' billy::death to everyone::summer in the southeast::drag city
david pajo::icicles::pajo::drag city
the panics::minor a::sleeps like a curse::littleBIGman
the panics::the general calling::sleeps like a curse::littleBIGman
cat power::hate::the greatest::matador

22 January 2006

deerhoof::wrong time capsule::the runners four::advanced
clap your hands say yeah::is this love::clap your hands say yeah::s/r
the pink mountaintops::i mountains::s/t::jagjaguar
the corn sisters::matineed::another woman::mint
The corn sisters::long black veil::another woman::mint
neko case::things that scare me::blacklisted::mint
grey deLisle::blue heart::iron flowers::sugar hill
amerie::1 thing::1 thing::sony
M.I.A::bucky done gone::arular::XL
safety scissors::fly in my soup::tainted lunch::proptronix
broken social scene::handjobs for the holidays::broken social scene::arts&crafts
ilikeTRAINS::A rook house for bobby::7"::KiDS
ilikeTRAINS::the beeching report::7"::KiDS
ilikeTRAINS::the accident::demo
ilikeTRAINS::before the curtains close::7"::dance_to_the_radio
mount eerie::i hold nothing::no flashlight::pwelverum&sun
mount eerie::in the bat's mouth::no flashlight::pwelverum&sun
iron and wine&calexico::history of lovers::in the reins::quarterstick
the malarkies::perversity::v.a isn't it romantic::verse
nina nastasia::all for you::v.a isn't it romantic::verse
howe gelb::espresso spills specifically on the italian truck and for a moment, aids in its re-design::ogle some piano::thrill jockey
howe gelb::ogle::ogle some piano::thrill jockey
howe gelb::plentiful the wife and beautiful the aforementioned too::ogle some piano::thrill jockey
the evens::sara lee::the evens::dischord
the evens::if it's water::the evens::dischord
the new pornographers::twin cinema::twin cinema::matador
okkervil river::black::black sheep boy::jagjaguar
the mountain goats::danu lipatti's bones::the sunset tree::4AD

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Kanal 103 new site+new logo

Kanal 103, the radio station that broadcasts lofidelica, is celebrating its 15th birthday...

For this occasion, we are changing the look of the website

this is how the new website looks!

and we need you for the new logo :)

this is the old logo:

if you are into good music and graphic design, send your idea for a new logo to
info[at] it will be seen supporting the best alternative events in Macedonia!

the deadline for submission is 15th February 2006

Sunday, January 15, 2006

16 January 2006

Macedonian weekend on Kanal 103!

This was the best weekend this winter, lots of interviews with many tres cool Macedonian musicians throughout the weekend, and some very amazing live acts!

So, between 6:00 pm-8:00 pm [lofidelica] this Sunday, there was a spontaneous freestyling on air, by RabotamNaSlucajot (Antonio Arangelovic) and his friends (Dzaka, Bruice, and another guy whose alias I can't remember).

some lo-fi hip-hop li-ve :)

I loved it.

Friday, January 06, 2006

08 January 2006

richmond fontaine::black road::the fitzgerald::union
m ward::sad sad song::transfigurations of vincent::merge
cat power::the greatest::the greatest::matador
wilco::cars can't escape::yankee hotel foxtrot demos::nonesuch

grey delisle::sharecroppin' man::graceful ghost::sugarhill
neko case::pretty girls::blacklisted::mint
calexico::missing::black light::quarterstick
castanets::good friend yr hunger::first light's freeze::asthmatic kitty
castanets::first light's freeze::first light's freeze::asthmatic kitty
AAAA::can do girl::AAAA::thrill jockey
iron&wine/calexico::dead man's will::in the reins::overcoat
pernice brothers::there goes the sun::discover a lovelier you::ashmont
belle&sebastian::another sunny day::the life pursuit::matador
stephen malkmus::it kills::face the truth::matador
the panics::my best mistake::sleeps like a curse::littleBIGman
wolf parade::same ghost every night::apologies to queen merry::sub pop
bright eyes::poison oak::i'm wide awake it's morning::saddle creek
the arcade fire::neighbourhood#2(lanka)::funeral::merge
sufjan stevens::come on feel the illinoise::illinois::asthmatic kitty
chad vangaalen::after the afterlife::infiniheart::sub pop
silver jews::sleeping is the only love::tanglewood numbers::matador
brmc::love burns::brmc::echo
the hotel alexis::the quiet life::the shining example is lying on the floor::broken sparrow
thanksgiving::the river::the river::marriage
rouge wave::publish my love::descend like vultures::sub pop
the new pornographers::sing me spanish techno::twin cinema::matador
deerhoof::wrong time capsule::the runners four::kill rock stars

jeffrey lewis::williamsburg will oldham horror::city&eastern songs::rough trade
bonnie'prince'billy::a sucker's evening::summer in the southeast::drag city
my morning jacket::it beats for you::z::ato
mercury rev::across yer ocean::the secret migration::v2
david pajo::let me bleed::pajo::drag city
smog::i feel like the mother of the world::a river ain't too much to love::drag city
arab strap::speed date::the last romance::chemikal underground

Lofidelica@Jukebox 4th Jan 2006

Started off while it was quite empty with Smog, Cat Power, M Ward, My Morning Jacket, Chad Vangaalen, then lots and lots of Pavement, Belle&Sebastian, Deerhoof, The Panics, Field Mice, The New Pornographers, The Shins, Sufjan Stevens, Wolf Parade, Silver Jews...And actually played the 8min, Neutral Milk Hotel-Oh Comely...Fantastic.

Sunday, January 01, 2006