Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The London Apartments-Romanticism Aside(SOP)

About a few months ago, a friend of mine downloaded all of Sundays in spring releases (you see, they recently made cable internet possible here, in Macedonia, so the craze of downloading *everything* is only just begining to spread). So in a short time I was overpacked with mp3 label music..Starving but happy, Sundays in spring, Camomile releases...What really grabbed my attention were the two Sundays in spring amazing releases, Fauerbach’s “Ask us no questions and we'll tell you no lies” and The London Apartments’ “A dialogue of one”.
Today, in the mail, I received The London Apartments’ new album “Romanticism Aside”, released, this time, for Sounds of Pop. The first thing I notised by studying the envelope was that “The london apartments” is actually the name of Justin Langlois’ street address, while he is from Kingsville, Ontario. But I’m sure he’s mentally from Reykyavik. The whole sensibility of “Romanticism aside” is sort of iceland-ish, words like “cold”, “wind”, “december”, “frozen”, “jacket” are manipulated in the heartbreaking lyrics, while the music is like múm and sigur rós have decided to join up in one band. Justin’s highly sensitive and shy vocals, the lo-fi electronica touch accompained by acoustic guitar and piano create a very calm, soothing and yet sad atmosphere. Likewise, the booklet features black&white photography of old houses, doormats, floors, windows, closing it with “these streets are frozen shut, as I move my heavy feet, everything seems in its place”. You can hear this album online, or you can listen some of it on Lofidelica this Sunday.

highlights: put a jacket on, streetlights are soldiers
similar sound: múm, sigur rós, dntel, the postal service, the notwist, manitoba, david balula


Dwr Budr said...

А од каде иначе сте хи симнале The London Apartments? Ја ги слушав само преку линкот што го остави.

Dwr Budr said...

Не е битно, се снајдов. Иначе, многу сум ти благодарен за линкот. Симнав еден куп музика.

радосна врба said...

не го симнав, ми стигна албумот како промо..можеш да симнеш доста слична музика овдека:

Anonymous said...

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