Thursday, April 28, 2005

oh my gawd!

Mercury Rev tour dates:
May 09, 2005::Boulder CO::Fox Theater
May 11, 2005::Kansas City MO::Madrid Theater
May 12, 2005::Minneapolis MN::Quest
May 13, 2005::Chicago IL::Vic Theater
May 14, 2005::Detroit MI::Majestic Theater
May 16, 2005::Toronto ON::Kool Haus
May 18, 2005::New York NY::Webster Hall
May 19, 2005::New York NY::Webster Hall
May 20, 2005::Boston MA::Avalon Ballroom
May 22, 2005::Philadelphia PA::Theater of the Living Arts
May 27, 2005::Barcelona, Spain::Primavera Sound Festival
May 31, 2005::Marseille, France::Espace Julien
June 01, 2005::Toulouse, France::SDF Ramonville
June 02, 2005::Nantes, France::Olympic
June 03, 2005::St Brieuc, France::Artrock Festival
June 05, 2005::Luxembourg, LUX::Den Atelier
June 06, 2005::Lille, France::Le Splendid
June 07, 2005::Brussels, Belgium::Cirque Royal(Nuits Botanique Festival)
June 08, 2005::Amsterdam, NL::Paradiso
June 10, 2005::Skopje, Macedonia::Heineken OFFest, Universal Hall
June 12, 2005::Imola, Italy::Heineken Jammin Festival
July 23, 2005::Byron Bay, NSW, Australia::Splendour in the Grass Festival
July 30, 2005::Fuji, Japan::Fuji Rock Festival

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Greatest Hits (27 April 2005)

primal scream::higher than the sun::screamadelica::sire, 1991
pj harvey::down by the water::to bring you my love::island, 1995
laika::uneasy::good looking blues::too pure, 2000
bjork::venus as a boy::debut::elektra, 1993
radiohead::climbing up the walls::ok computer::parlophone, 1997
slint::washer::spiderland::touch&go, 1994
jeff buckley::ethernal life::grace::columbia, 1995
ride::vapour trail::nowhere::creation, 1990
mazzy star::be my angel::she hangs brightly::capitol, 1991
portishead::numb::dummy::go!discs/london, 1991
the jesus and mary chain::april skies::darklands::blanco y negro/warner bros, 1987

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Greatest hits

Listen to 103.00FM tomorrow, 27/04 at 4:00pm(GMT+1) for Greatest Hits. Me and Angie Jovkovska will be making the list. (streaming at

Sunday, April 24, 2005

24 April 2005

prml scrm::rise::evil heat::columbia
scout niblett::your beat kicks back like death::i am::too pure
scout niblett::in love::i am::too pure
scout niblett::boy::i am::too pure
smog::drinking at the dam::a river ain't too much to love::drag city
magnolia electric company::give something else away every day::what comes after the blues::secretly canadian
songs:ohia::farewell transmission::magnolia electric co::secretly canadian
hood::the lost you::outside closer::domino
feuerbach::tv::ask us no questions and we'll tell you no lies::sundays in spring
feuerbach::cadillac::ask us no questions and we'll tell you no lies::sundays in spring
mayapple weather::the world called today they were all pissed::we no longer believe in miracles, we rely on them::sundays in spring
the london apartments::teeth::dialogue of one::sundays in spring
the london apartments::next year::dialogue of one::sundays in spring
architecture in helsinki::in case we die (pt.1-4)::in case we die::bar/none
architecture in helsinki::tiny paintings::in case we die::bar/none
architecture in helsinki::maybe you can owe me::in case we die::bar/none
architecture in helsinki::the cemetary::in case we die::bar/none
m.ward::hi-fi::transistor radio::merge
m.ward::lullaby and exile::transistor radio::merge
american music club::ladies&gentlemen::love songs for patriots::merge

Sunday, April 17, 2005

New wave or soft pink truth? (tigerbeat6)

Punk's not dead!...
Indeed...!!!(chik chik chik) with 'Louden up now', in their own way managed to make peace between Disco and Punk, this time Matmos' Drew Daniel (aka The Soft Pink Truth) achieves the same, possibly even more succesfully with his new project "Do you want the new wave or do you want the Soft Pink Truth?". He revitalises the punk sensibility witha glitch-housy-disco-clashy outcome. The title is a modified title of Minuteman's ballad "Do you want thenew wave, or do you want the truth?". In this project Daniel covers underground punk legends such as Die Kreuzen, Minor Threat,Rudimentary Peni and Crass, isolating the lyrics that are flogged in the typical noisy punk distorsion, by putting them in a completely cheerfull disco musical context. The result is again punk.You get Minor Threat's "Out of step" reinvented into a tech-popanthem with Dani Siciliano singing "Don't smoke/ Don't drink/ Don'tfuck/At least I can fucking think."Other guest vocalists include Blevin Blectum (in "I owe it to thegirls" by Teddy&the Frett Girls), fashion designer Jeremy Scott(in "Media Friend V.S.B" by Rudimentary Peni), as well as Drew's Matmos fellow Martin Schmidt singing Nervous Gender's controversial offensive lyrics -"Jesus was a cock-sucking Jew from Galilee/Jesuswas just like me"(Confession) over electro-clashy handclaps. Likewise ironically the homophobia in the Angry Samoans' "Homosexual" is incorporated into a gay-esq acid pumping "hands in the air" disco hymn. Finally, the 48 second lasting Styne and Robin's Broadwaytune "Lookin Back" symptomatically closes this album with "It's nicelooking back at the past/ Full of memories that last/ Souvenirs of alife that was fast and fun/ Now it's done."

The purple organ-Amoebawness (Tripple Nipple)

I guess Frank Sinatra really is dead. I sometimes get a feeling that New York is a completely independent universe. Maybe it’s because I’ve never actually been there, so I am prone to idealise it...I just can’t deal with the fact that 90% of the bands “of the now” come from one single city. !!!, The rapture, The Liars, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Fiery Furnaces, Radio 4, LCD Soundsystem, with DFA and Out put recordings as ultimate trend setters. And as if it isn’t enough, the whole god damn anti folk scene is breeding in this exact city. It’s just plain unfair. Think of Cat Power’s attractive live performances, Moldy Peaches’ turquoise afro-haired Kimya Dawson. Jeffrey Lewis who inevitably gets related to acid induced insanity, Olive Juice recordings releasing the most open-minded indiependent lo-fi sound..I want to die in New York.
So anyway, another interesting figure in this scene is this one-man band, a bearded bloke who plays a lot of instruments/toys breathes loudly in the microphone and apparently wears fluffy slippers during his performances. It’s the one and only Douglas Black aka The Purple Organ. Nothing but a typical New York lunatic, in the most positive sense of the word.
This “Amoebawness” release I have in front of me features 10 songs. All equally noisy, lo-fi, with lyrics concerning girls with too much yeast and the art of female ejaculation, afganistans and religion (?-Eglise du shite). With interesting lyrical combinations (Madonna&Dead Kennedys) and a total instrumental trash-concept (with Mr. Mark Ospovot as the mastering guy). Additionally the loud breathing into the microphone gives a particular dimension to the sound, as well as the quasi-ending-to a sentimental ballad screaming. My compliments on “Fuck” which has been released as a vinyl as well, this song is probably the most meaningfull song, bearing this increadible contradiction, musically intended to be a single concerning its length and melody, but lyrically goes all the way “anti”. Another stand out, is the closing “it was a bug” which also has been included on the Unicorn Sounds v.1 compilation (disc 1), along with my previously mentioned Kimya Dawson, Jeffrey Lewis, and Adam Green with his Friends of mine hit single “Jessica Simpson”. Douglas has also contributed to some other compilations, the Luv-a-Lot compilation released for Olive Juice recordings features a song that isn’t included on Amoebawness, called “Shark”. And this very very powerfull and emotional sounding song “Cutting up teen sluts” is incuded on “Rotten to the core”, among other halloween inspired songs. To my surprise neither is this song included on Amoebawness.
Finally, I should mention the cover design, which is bascally the first thing you notice when you purchace this release. It looks increadibly “lo-fi”, with handwritten tracklist and incoherent scribbles in the credits intended area, smiley’s, *’s and tiny drafts like those you make when you’re on the phone for too long. So in a way, the chaotic design is an equivalent to the chaotic music.

17 April 2005

moldy peaches-nyc is like a graveyard-the moldy peaches-rough trade
the kills-no wow-no wow-rough trade
interpol-public pervert(carlos d remix)-c'mere ep-matador
interpol-not even jail(daniel kessler remix)-c'mere ep-matador
daft punk-robot rock-robot rock ep-virgin
kevin blechdom-i done using u's and b's-dudini ep-tigerbeat6
the purple organ-cutting up teen sluts-rotten to the core-rancho culero
steven mertens-lingerie-unicorn sounds vol.1-unicorn sounds
audiotour-trash compactor-unicorn sounds vol.1-unicorn sounds
the purple organ-fuck-amoebawness-tripple nipple
TK.SK-jas sum mrtov (i am dead)-live recordning
anthony&the johnsons-hope there is someone-i am a bird now-rough trade
toby goodshank-beautiful morning-a luv a lot disc 1-olive juice
andrew bird-a nervous tic motion of the head to the left-the mysterious production of eggs-righteous babe
mooger fooger-vox is murder-mooger fooger-rekord
every kid on speed/feat. music whore-thinking about-unreleased
scout niblett-drummer boy-i am-too pure
siouxie&the banshees-kiss them for me-superstition-geffen
the slits-so tough-cut-island
pj harvey-the ballad of the soldier's wife-september songs(the music of kurt weill)
the robot ate me-jesus and hitler-on vacation-kill rockstars/5rc
slowdive-visions of la-catch the breeze-sanctuary
low-silver rider-the great destroyer-sub pop
low-on the edge of-the great destroyer-sub pop
low-walk into the sea-the great destroyer-sub pop
kimya dawson-heroes-hidden vagenda-K
blonde redhead-elephant woman-misery is a butterfly-4AD
bright eyes-devil in the details-gidital ash in a digital urn-saddle creek
hood-the lost you-outside closer-domino
silver jews-how to rent a room-the natural bridge-touch&go


*Midnite Vultures is renamed into Lofidelica and now goes on the air each
Sunday (06pm-08pm)

Saturday, April 16, 2005

13/14 April 2005

har mar superstar-sextape-dui ep-recordcollection
lcd soundsystem-daft punk is playing at my house(soulwax shibuya mix)-ep-dfa
franz ferdinand-michael-michael ep-domino
the soft pink truth-out of step-do you want the new wave or do you want the soft pink truth?-tigerbeat6
soulwax-e-talking-any minute now-pias
the rapture-alienation-mirror-out put
bloc party-she's hearing voices-silent alarm-atlantic/vice
the futureheads-robot-the furuteheads-sire
pj harvey-maniac-bizzare nightmares
low-monkey-the great destroyer-sub pop
throwing muses-buzz-limbo-4ad
3 minutes in the rain-bad math memories-bmm ep-record
radiohead-just-the bends-capitol
brmc-love burns-brmc-virgin
smog-rock bottom riser-a river ain't too much to love-drag city
bright eyes-i believe in symetry-digital ash in a digital urn-saddle creek
sondre lerche-stupid memory-two way monologue-virgin
the robot ate me-on vacation-on vacation-kill rockstars/5rc
oliver petkov-glass of milk-french radio reporter-unreleased
wilco-heavy metal drummer-yankee hotel foxtrot-nonesuch
cat power-he war-are you free-matador
pj harvey-good fortune-sfcsfs-island
the jesus and mary chain-in a hole-psycho candy-reprise
franz ferdinand-missing you-michael ep-domino
mooger fooger-oki tresh-mooger fooger-rekord
libertines-can't stand me now-can't stand me now-rough trade
the moldy peaches-anyone else but you-the moldy peaches-rough trade

Monday, April 11, 2005

Compilation "Je suis un etranger" (Ronda)

language is the most! exciting form..learning how to mean(AGF-Salmiakki Pattern-Westernization Completed)

Language is the most coherent expression of what you are, that is why learning foreign languages becomes so exciting. Being able to think, speak, mean, dream, make love in a foreign language is like playing roles or becoming someone else just for the occasion. Using the foreign language to artistically express yourself is what Ronda experiments with in their latest project “Je suis un etranger”. This is a compilation featuring artists with different backgrounds using vocal samples spoken in a language which is supposedly unknown to them. That way they can focus on the melody and rhythm of the words, and not be distracted by the meaning. You can hear :Polish (mils), German (dDamage), Swedish (transbeauce), Portuguese (lucky.R), Hungarian (aka_bondage avec a.valo+a.oszo+v.dirkev+m.torre), Albanian(sun plexus + loner),English(silencio), French(dscl), Japanese(xerak), Russian(c.h.district), Breton(depatie), Chinese(displacer),Arabic(do shaska! avec mr marmela), Norwegian(bleetch), Vietnamese(seb.R), Dutch(hypo & musicometre)...Not only that these artists come from different countries, but also different scenes (electro, rock, musique concrète,...)

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

06/07 April 2005

andrew bird::sovay::the mysterious production of eggs::righteous babe
bright eyes::down a rabbit hole::digital ash in a digital urn::saddle creek
hood::end of one train working::outside closer::domino
leafcutter john::walk on my back::the housebound spirit::planet mu
the arcade fire::neighbourhood #4::funeral::merge
havergal::parachutes::elettricita::secretly canadian
aspera::sugar walls::music for moving images::jagjaguwar
elliot smith::shooting star::live at henry fonda theatre
adam green::what a waster::emily 7"::rough trade
modest mouse::bukowski::good news for people who love bad news ::epic
cul de sac::dust of a butterfly::death of the sun::strange attractions audio house
the robot ate me::on vacation::swim slowly/KRS/5RC::*whole album*

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The robot ate me-On Vacation (Swim Slowly)

Listening to The robot ate me’s On Vacation is like meeting Dr.Jakyll/Mr.Hyde. This schizophrenia is spread over 2 discs. On disc one you meet the experimental, lo-fi, pretentious yet amusing trio, with Ryland Bouchard’s tender vocals, this time singing lucid lyrics about Jesus and Hitler making out in the back of a taxi...and their tongues twisted and tied...While on disc two, The robot ate me remind you of what they were like when you first met them on They ate themselves: sensitive, caring, soothing, easylistening and well, pop (something that Grandaddy, Thrills, The Elected, Havergal etc. fans might like). On Vacation was originally released for Swim Slowly in February, 2004, but reissued for 5 Rue Christine/Kill rockstars on 22 March, 2005...maybe it was disc 1 that attracted 5CR/KRC having in mind bands that release for these labels (Deerhoof, Xiu Xiu, Gold Chains, Outhud etc..)...or maybe because they’re from San Diego...Anyway the best thing is that both Dr.Jakyll and Mr. Hyde turn out to be very very promicing in different ways, and well are worth hanging out with for a check out On Vacation...(you will be able to listen to both discs on Wednesday, 6th April, from 00 to 02am GMT+1 on kanal 103 fm-Midnite Vultures or at live streaming )