Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Panics - Sleeps like a curse (littleBIGMAN)

Opening with the lullaby-esq One too many itches, The Panics guide us into the plain, yet magical world of Sleeps like a curse. You can hope that I might, But I never feel a thing..The following, likewise titled, Sleeps like a curse builds a subtle pathway to My best mistake, the song that would work wonders in an indie-club. I really like it when i can sing along to songs with lyrics that are moving enough as it is...And I'm not really that sentimental. I hope. Like in every good album, after a powerfull, energy draining song, follows a slight sentimental comedown, in this case, Like an unwelcome guest."I'll keep you in my mind, like an unwelcome guest, I'll take my time with us...I hear dogs bark like distant drums"...Just as you start to fear this might be one of those albums where all the good songs are piled up in the beginning, Someone Somewhere Somehow starts:I echo all the words you leave, I only dress them up in mystery...Did I write these lyrics? Why are they so compatible with my mindset? Who are these people who call themselves "The Panics"? They appear to be a prolific australian band, that look on a photograph as cool, laid back and sweet as they sound. Such are the soothing soft vocals by Jae Laffer, with an additional hint of an australian accent...Apparently he met guitarist Drew Wooton in highschool, a friendship based on a similar haircut as he claims in an interview..Oh well, didn't Albarn meet Coxon thanks to their identical trainers?...To get back to the music, yet again, as nice and unpretentious continues through Twin Sisters and Minor A...I really like Speak it, first and foremost, the melody, the backing vocals (Jules Douglas?), one of those songs that feel like summer and lyrically make you think of winter If holding on to me makes you sad, Loosen any ties you have, Ill be moving on as best as I can ...will I slit my wrists before I finish writing this review? Probably...It's not a thing has a brilliant sing along chorus, "I lose my mind seeking signs." Nevertheless, no matter how nice this song is, I always wait for it to finish fast so I can hear The General Calling which is my personal highlight on this album. Sounds different than the rest, the singing is quite sad, the ambient is really's...I quote: "stuck in motion"...well it's stuck in my winamp all day...all week...all year. And this song is not the last, being my favourite it has the best possible position a favourite song could have on an album, it's second last. The album ends with Keep an eye on me...well technically it ends with an instrumental 1 minute ending untitled piece, but I would rather consider that as an extended part of the last song. With lyrics that symptomatically correspond with the feeling you get when you have to leave a person you love...It starts off describing a room...I love this album to bits. The Panics, my new favourite band

23 October 2005

the devastations::you can't reach me now::coal::in fidelity
aidan smith::rooster::early as the trees::analogue catalogue
bellwether::lately::seven and six::rustbelt
neko case&her boyfriends::porchlight::the slaughter rule OST::bloodshot
magnolia electric co::hard to love a man::ep::secretly canadian
nada surf::comes a time::the weight is a gift::barsuk
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richmond fontaine::the janitor::the fitzgerald::union
album>>the panics::sleeps like a curse::littleBIGman

Monday, October 17, 2005

16 October 2005

broadcast::black cat::tender buttons::warp
broadcast::tender buttons::tender buttons::warp
broadcast::you and me in time::tender buttons::warp
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bellwether::miss you twice::seven nd six::rustbelt
bellwether::favourite worry::seven and six::rustbelt
my morning jacket::into the woods::z::ato
happy bullets::the vice and virtue ministry::the vice and virtue m inistry::undeniable
nada surf::comes a time::the weight is a gift::barsuk
nada surf::your legs grow::the weight is a gift::barsuk
olivia tremor control::frosted ambassador::dusk at cubist castle::elephant 6
thanksgiving::holy dawns of spring::cave days&moments::marriage
thanksgiving::the old graveyard::cave days&moments::marriage
album>>neutral milk hotel::in the airplane over the sea::domino

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Dis Patch 2005, Belgrade

I spent this weekend in Belgrade at the annual Dis-Patch festival...Maybe it's me, but this year's festival was tad weak, and could not compare to what it had to offer in 2002, or 2003..
I saw My robot friend and Electronicat, and spent the rest of the Friday evening in the hallway drinking a beer and wondering how sounds resembling a small kid drinking a milkshake loudly can be considered as conceptual art.

Good news is that I met Anna B. there, who could possibly help me arrange a thanksgiving (Adrian Orange) gig in belgrade...oh yes! thanksgiving is willing to come to Macedonia on the 19th of November, hopefully should arrange the performance in a small intimate place called Saloon 19/19.

...While I was away, you were able to hear John Vanderslice-Pixel Revolt (Barsuk) in full length.