Saturday, September 30, 2006

Scotland's for me *rainbow*

There are some bands you start liking more after you see them live (such was my case with Mercury Rev)... Since they manage to bring back the beautiful feeling they have created for you on stage... In other cases, you discover some bands on festivals. So these are some of the albums I've been intensely listening to, the past week, under the impression of their brilliant live performances.

midlake::the trials of van occupanther::bella union

the veils::nux vomica::rough trade

the delays::you see colours::rough trade

While I am totally addicted to:

belle and sebastian::the life pursuit::matador

Sunday, September 24, 2006

long time no see...

It's been quite a busy summer...While the fall promices Howe Gelb, Lambchop and Nina Nastasia (woohoo). As a highlight of my summer I would like to point out the Belle&Sebastian's performance at Pukkelpop... and, Calexico's, expectedly, amazing show at rockenseine...

I didn't have many cds with me though (*gasp*) only one compilation and a few albums I carried around. So this is what my playlist looked like most of the time(as a side effect I got slightly sick of these albums, so it's nice to be home again, with a wider choice of stuff to listen to...):

m. ward::post war::merge

bonnie "prince" billy::the letting go::drag city

calexico::garden ruin::city slang