Tuesday, September 27, 2005

25 September 2005

john parish::boxers::once upon a little time::thrill jockey
john parish::even redder then that::once upon a little time::thrill jockey
aidan smith::alone askew::early as the trees::analogue catalogue
david pajo::let me bleed::pajo::drag city
patti smith::dancing barefoot::wave::arista
chad vangaalen::kill me in my sleep::infiniheart::sub pop
arizona amp and alternator::man on a string::arizona amp and alternator::thrill jockey
smog::the well::a river ain't too much to love::drag city
magnolia electric co::the dark don't hide it::trials&errors::secretly canadian
the ashtray hearts::exits::perfect halves::free election
and you will know us by the trail of dead::it was there that i saw you::source, tags&codes::interscope
trans am::sad and young::future world::thrill jockey
mercury rev::across yer ocean::the secret migration::v2
the shins::new slang::oh,inverted world::sub pop
the mountain goats::this year::the sunset tree::4ad
mobius band::city vs. country::city vs. country::ghostly international
i am kloot::strange without you::gods and monsters::echo
andrew bird::opposite day::the mysterious production of eggs::rightous babe
jonathan richman::not so much to be loved than to love::not so much to be loved than to love::sanctuary
lambchop::nothing but a blur from a bullet train::aw c'mon::drag city
vic chesnutt::to be with you::ghetto bells::new west
dandy warhols::love is the new feel awfull::oddity::capitol
the strokes::juice box::first impressions of earth::rough trade
beck::mtv makes me wanna smoke crack::beck/bean split 7"::gusto/flipside
spinto band::kind of a girl::good answer::bar/none
the panics::in your head::crack the wall::littleBIGMAN

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Arizona Amp And Alternator-Arizona Amp And Alternator(Thrill Jockey)

Arizona Amp and Alternator, or 4 A’s is one of Howe Gelb’s (Giant Sand) side projects which this time feautres M Ward, Scoutt Niblett, Grandaddy, Jeremy Gara (Arcade Fire), Marie Lorette Friis, Herniette Sennenvaldt...A sexy cowboy-esq “Hello darling” opens this record in accordance with the folky “I’ll keep you warm” feeling you get like a fuzzy bluegrass intro to the following surprise, an absolutely alluring jazzy, soothing bossanova tune, “Where the wind turns the skin to leather” in Howe Gelb’s manner and hushed-vocals. What follows is “AAAA”, a song you get in four different versions throughout the album, its lyrics alone could define Arizona Amp and Alternator’s sound much better than my review in fact “White man think you’re black, black one thinks you’re white, country man thinks you’re rock, and rockers say it just ain’t right, do you alternate their between, coming up with the best sound anyone has seen...and that’s my country.Only well...it’s not really country...That’s the whole irony with AAAA appearing in completely different sound arrangements, and those exact lyrics. And that’s why I love Howe Gelb so much. Traffic’s cover Low spark of high heeled boys, is followed by “Man on a string”, a duet with Herniette Sennenvaldt, who’s worked with Gelb on his previous records (“The Listener”’s Torque(Tango de la Tongue)...Another quality duet is that of Matt Ward and Marie Lorette Friis on “Baby it’s cold outside”, additionally M Ward makes another appearance on one of the AAAA’s with Howe Gelb, where the music arrangement is the recognizable M Ward sound. The record finishes with a Recital (I think Scout Niblett’s) followed by intense drumming by Jeremy Gara on “The leaving you”, also somehow relating to Scoutt Niblett’s characteristic solo sound. All in all, AAAA offers a truly amazing, unique sublime of many talented artists, brimming with improvisation and charm. Fantastic for a band with “no members in it”(as stated in the sleeve).

Lofidelica Live

Played at Jukebox last night...Mostly New Pornographers, The Kills, The Shins, PJ Harvey, Fiery Furnaces, Belle&Sebastian, Sufjan Stevens, Clap your hands say yeah, Pavement, Beck....

And I lost my beautiful mobile phone there....oh fuck all y'all.

Monday, September 19, 2005

18 September 2005

cat power::sad sad song::speaking for trees::matador
cat power::evolution::speaking for trees::matador
cat power::knockin' on heaven's door::speaking for trees::matador
cat power::night time, back of your head::speaking for trees::matador

elliott brood::unknown::live in toronto
smog::i'm new here::a river ain't too much to love::drag city
amalgamated sons of rest::maa bonny lad::amalgamated sons of rest::galaxia

magnolia electric co::hard to love a man::hard to love a man ep::secretly canadian
magnolia electric co::bowery::hard to love a man ep::secretly canadian
scout niblett::kidnapped by neptune::kidnapped by neptune::secretly canadian
moldy peaches::anyone else but you::moldy peaches::rough trade

jay farrar::vitamins::stone, steel and bright lights::transmit sound

hotel alexis::superman and vitamins::the shining example is lying on the floor::broken sparrow
m ward::hi-fi::transistor radio::matador

pj harvey&howe gelb::plants and rags::live at tuscon, arizona 29 april 2001

album>>arizona amp and alternator::arizona amp and alternator::thrill jockey

Sunday, September 11, 2005

11 September 2005

silver jews::sleeping is the only love::tanglewood numbers::drag city
chad vangaalen::after the afterlife::infiniheart::sub pop
lambchop::my blue wave::is a woman::drag city
nick drake::magic::made to love magic::island
bjork::gratitude(feat.will oldham)::drawing restraint 9::one little indian
howe gelb::torque(tango de la tongue)::the listener::thrill jockey
richmond fontain::disappeared::the fitzgerald::union
hotel alexis::the quiet life::the shining example is lying on the floor::broken sparrow
bonnie "prince" billy::even if love::master and everyone::drag city
calexico::i send my love to you::i am a cold rock, i am dull grass::tract
sufjan stevens::come on feel the illinoise::illinois::asthmatic kitty
mountain men anonymous::finding your heart through pain::krkonose::my kung fu
hood::the lost you::outside closer::domino
david pajo::let me bleed::pajo::drag city
a silver mt zion::horses in the sky::horses in the sky::southern
mount eerie::waterfalls(by thanksgiving)::no flashlight bonus track::phil elverum&sun
album>>mount eerie::no flashlight::phil elverum&sun

04 September 2005

howe gelb::cowboy boots::the listener::thrill jockey
m ward, vic chestnutt, howe gelb::way it goes::por vida:a tribute to alejandro escovedo::matador
john fahey::poor boy::the transfigurations of blind joe death::takoma
karen dalton::katie cruel::in my own time::just sunshine/paramount
clap your hands say yeah::the skin of my yellow country teeth::clap your hands say yeah::self released
clap your hands say yeah::is this love?::clap your hands say yeah::self released
national::abel::alligator::beggars banquet
silver jews::punks in the beerlight::tanglewood numbers::drag city
silver jews::sleeping is the true love::tanglewood numbers::drag city
jacob smigel::body english::full grown and talking about fountains::not not fun
eddy blau::sunday::jetsam/wthfest sampler 2005::kelp
international falls::clear as a bell::jetsam/wthfest sampler 2005::kelp
weirdo/beweirdo::saint saint marks::so i'm dude in this equation::not not fun
weirdo/beweirdo::is that giovanni ribisi::so i'm dude in this equation::not not fun
weirdo/beweirdo::our west is one::so i'm dude in this equation::not not fun
weirdo/beweirdo::put a hat on your love(hate)::so i'm dude in this equation::not not fun
album>>chad vangaalen::infiniheart::sub pop