Sunday, June 25, 2006

25 June 2006

went::keep away
hej, poni!::cetvrta::live at montanaro jazz klub, podgorica
little radojica::little radojica::little radojica is not able to suffer anymore
immergluck, kaphan, krummernacher & hanes::joe kirby blues::i am the ressurection- a tribute to john fahey::vanguard
calexico::dance of death::i am the ressurection- a tribute to john fahey::vanguard
mojave 3::big star baby::puzzles like you::4ad
mojave 3::running with your eyes closed::puzzles like you::4ad
mojave 3::ghostship waiting::puzzles like you::4ad
camera obscura::lloyd, i'm ready to be heartbroken::let's get out of this country::merge
camera obscura::dory previn::let's get out of this country::merge
first nation::waterfall::first nation::paw tracks
first nation::female trance::first nation::paw tracks
o'death::oh death::o'death::head home
the hidden cameras::ban marriage::the smell of our own::rough trade

Sunday, June 04, 2006

04 June 2006

jenny lewis and the watson twins::melt your heart::rabbit furcoat::team love
the walkmen::wake up::everyone who pretended to like me is gone::startime international
the raconteurs::steady as she goes::broken boy soldiers::xl
okkervil river::for real::black sheep boy::jagjaguar
horse stories::firewall::everyone's a photographer::loose music
band of horses::the funeral::everything all the time::sub pop
centro-matic::take the maps and run::fort-recovery::misra
the leon ep::songs i wish i had written
drive-by truckers::a blessing and a curse::a blessing and a curse::new west
mojave 3::running with your eyes closed::puzzles like you::4 ad
sufjan stevens::mistress::the avalanche::asthmatic kitty
tender forever::marry me::the soft and the hardcore::K
love is all::talk talk talk::9 times that same song::what's your rupture?
yo la tengo& daniel johnston::speeding motorcycle::genius+love=yo la tengo::matador
casiotone for the painfully alone::love connection::etiquette::tomlab
thom yorke::and it rained all night::eraser::xl
say hi to your mum::dimensions and verticals::ferocious mopes::euphobia/ryko
hotel alexis::the devil knows my handle::goliath, i'm on your side::unreleased
wooden ambulance::dishonest::unreleased
jazzmeenah::back in the time::unreleased
ana never::30 seconds of my past life::ana never::fokus subotica
neko case::fox confessor brings the flood::fox confessor brings the flood::anti
album>>beirut::gulag orkestar::ba da bing!